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Wind Damage

Damages caused by wind can be a result of numerous factors. Whether its from a straight-line windstorm, a tornado, or a hurricane, the destruction can be widespread. Roofs tend to be the most affected from high velocity winds, sustaining damages to multiple components throughout the roof system. Damaged windows, fences, and siding can also be impacted by wind damage. While wind damage claims may seem straightforward, there are certain exclusions and policy language that can heavily impact the success of the claim, especially for businesses and commercial properties. We have the tools and innovative technology to properly assess and document wind damage down to the smallest detail. From validating a date of occurrence, or verifying collateral damages, our team of experts fights to get you a full and fair settlement.

Damage Domino Effect

While damages from high winds affect the roof, siding, windows, etc. , they can also cause further damages to arise. Roof systems impacted by wind damage can eventually experience deeper issues resulting in interior damages. The sooner wind damage is discovered and properly repaired, the better off you will be. Hope Public Adjusters’ team of experts have the tools and knowledge to properly assess damages caused by wind. We’ll ensure every damage is accounted for and you get a full value settlement.

Prepping The Claim

Before a claim is filed with an insurance company, there are several items you should have in place to help ensure the most successful outcome. Documenting collateral damages is crucial in substantiating wind damage to a property. Collateral damage assists in determining the extent of the damages and basic claim validation. It can assist in identifying red flags before presenting to the carrier. Prior to any insured filing a claim, date of loss verification should be confirmed. Our team of public adjusters has reliable tools and resources to verify a date of occurrence to back up property damages. Along with date of loss verification, you should review your policy for coverage limitations and exclusions. These can include roof surface endorsement, cosmetic exclusion, co-insurance penalty, separate wind / hail deductible, wind / hail exclusions, policy limits, etc. Our public adjusters are licensed and certified to read and negotiate based on policy language.

The Hope Approach to Winning Claims

1. Inspection – a standardized inspection process

2. Documentation- Compilation of the Burden of Proof Packet

3. Estimation- Constructing Accurate Amount of Loss

4. Negotiation – We speak the language of the land, “Policy”

5. Settlement- Taking Steps To Expedite The Claim

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