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a full and fair insurance claims settlement is possible.


HOPE Public Adjuster's Technical approach to claims investigation provides the ability to construct and present comprehensive burden of proof packages to the insurance company from the onset of the claims process. Our technical and scientific approach assists in the expeditious and accurate resolutions of claims negotiations for the policyholders benefit.


Our Clients


The clients we serve are our first and foremost priority. We works effectively to get our clients into better conditions rapidly. 

  • Emergency property securement and mitigation analysis 

  • Advance payments released for emergency purchases 

  • Coordination of suitable temporary living conditions

  • Interview of mitigation services to ensure venders are meeting proper industry standards

  • Review of pack-out and inventory processes to ensure damaged contents are not sitting in a warehouse uncleaned for extended time periods

  • Prompt inspection and estimate of the risk

  • Troubled Project Turnaround

Our Technical Approach


It is the finite details of the claim that can be the most important. We understand that for us to prove the loss we must have all of the details and documentation necessary to elicit the facts of the loss. Our team utilizes the right tools for the environment of the loss. 

  • Moisture Meters

  • Drone Technologies

  • 360 Imagery

  • Thermal Imaging

  • Engineer Analysis

  • Industrial Hygienists

  • A.I. technologies

process driven method


Efficiency and effectiveness throughout the claims process is imperative to move our clients claims from chaos to closed. Our well organized and communicative staff has the right tools and systems to ensure your claim is being handled properly and is on top of your insurance companies stack. 

moisture mapping.jpeg

Non-Invasive Moisture Analysis

Building code inhibits the covering of roof surfaces of wet substrate. HOPE Public Adjusters utilize cutting edge technologies to provide accurate and irrefutable evidence to support every finite detail of the loss. 

air chamber machine.jpeg

Air Chamber Particulate Testing

FIRE can produce the worst "looking" damage, however SMOKE will create the most damage throughout a structure. PIC's (particulates of incomplete combustion) are pushed outward as the structure pressurizes. HOPE Public Adjusters technical and detail oriented process provides assurance that damages which typically go undetected are documented and presented for consideration in producing a full and fair insurance claims settlement. 

Impact testing.jpeg

Impact Membrane Analysis & Core Sample Evaluation Testing

Acquisition of core testing on a granulated modified bitumen roof system. These exhibits were taken to the lab for freezing  of the 12“ x 12“ cores with liquid nitrogen to provide assessment of anomalies to the membrane for either hailstone impact or mopping voids. The core sampling provided the make-up of the roof system identifying the depth of insulation and layers present. 

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