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Water Damage

Water damage is one of the more common types of damage, as it can occur in a number of ways. From frozen or broken pipes, appliance leaks, sewage backups, and heavy rain through roof or window damage. There is a difference between water and flood damage and it is important to know between the two. Flood damage is not covered in a standard homeowners policy and typically requires a separate policy. Flooding transpires with excessive water rises on land that is normally dry.

Water Damage

Water damage can occur in a number of ways. Whether it's from a leak in your roof or a broken pipe, claims with damages due to water can be challenging. For instance, damages caused by a broken pipe or even a leaky roof can easily go undetected for some time. Water seeping behind wall cavities or leaks entering into your attic, may not be visible until the damages are severe. This can cause deeper issues to occur, such as mold and mildew growth, making it a bigger challenge to handle. Hope Public Adjusters will take all of the necessary steps to ensure all elements of the property are fully repaired and safe for you to return back to your normal routine.

Detailed Inspections and

Damage Estimation Help

Even if your property has only sustained damages to one area of the building, the surrounding areas need to be thoroughly assessed for additional damages. Finding the right professionals to conduct inspections and create damage estimates can be overwhelming and time consuming. Our team of public adjusters will perform thorough inspections and damage assessments to accurately document the loss. We’ll ensure all damages are accounted for and your home or business is safe to be in.

Categories of Water Loss

Specific procedures are required in the event of mitigating and restoring a water loss. Even more specific are the processes for each category of water damage. The three types of water damage are:

  • Category 1 (Clean Water Damage) - Comes from a source like a broken tap, hose, or rainwater that contains little to no contamination.

  • Category 2 (Grey Water Damage) - Comes from a source like an appliance, a toilet tank, or sump pump leak. It contains some contamination that can be a health risk.

  • Category 3 (Black Water Damage) - Comes from hazardous sources like floods, sewage, or groundwater. Its contaminants are dangerous to people and animals.

Regardless of the extent of the loss or the category of water damage, Hope Public Adjusters has the tools and resources to ensure a full settlement.

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