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Structural Damage

Structural damage can occur in a number of ways. Whether it's from a large tree fall or a vehicle going through a building, claims with major structural damage can be challenging. To the visible eye, damages may seem confined to one area of the property, however deeper issues may be at play. Even if one area of the building was directly affected at the time of the loss, other problems can snowball into greater concerns. The structural integrity of the property may be compromised and needs to be properly assessed and accounted for. Hope Public Adjusters will take all of the necessary steps to ensure all elements of the property are fully repaired and safe for you to return back to your normal routine.

Detailed Inspections and Damage

Estimation Help

Even if your property has only sustained damages to one area of the building, the entire structure needs to be thoroughly assessed for foundational damages. Finding the right professionals to conduct inspections and create damage estimates can be a overwhelming and time consuming. Our team of public adjusters will perform thorough inspections and damages assessments to accurately document the loss. We’ll ensure all damages are accounted for and your home or business is safe to be in.

Loss of Use Help

Depending on the extent of the loss and your policy, you may have coverage for suitable temporary housing while your home is being repaired and it is safe to return to. This does not mean being placed in a hotel for months on end. This means up to your normal standard of living. Hope Public Adjusters’ team will coordinate and organize short term housing with the proper vendors. We’ll help track, organize, and submit over all additional living expense over to the insurance company, to ensure all incurred costs while being displaced from your home are covered.

If your structural damage claim is to your home you may have coverage for loss of use and business interruption. It’s important to understand what your policy covers when it come to loss of use and business interruption. You need someone with the industry knowledge to dissect every aspect of your policy, to determine what is owed by your insurance company. Hope Public Adjusters’ team will track, organize, and submit over all incurred expenses due to the loss.

The Hope Approach to Winning Claims

1. Inspection – a standardized inspection process

2. Documentation- Compilation of the Burden of Proof Packet

3. Estimation- Constructing Accurate Amount of Loss

4. Negotiation – We speak the language of the land, “Policy”

5. Settlement- Taking Steps To Expedite The Claim

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