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Property Managers

HOAS and multifamily complexes can produce some of the more difficult property insurance claims. Because there are multiple units to consider, it makes it challenging to account for every insured loss. These types of associations and complexes often have statutory and legal requirements attached , that need to be considered during the claims process. As property managers you have a never ending list of day to day obligations you have to take care of. Adding an insurance claim on top of that can add more stress and time spent. Hope Public Adjusters will conduct thorough inspections, document damages, build encompassing estimates, and handle all communications and negotiations with the insurance company.

Collateral Damage

& Weather Verification

Before filling a claim, it’s important to verify loss damages. The validity of what you’re presenting to your insurance company should be organized and substantiated prior to contact. Our team of experts can provide their professional opinion on the potential success of a claim, through damage documentation and weather verification. Our public adjusters will come out to assess the damages and document anything claimable. If collateral damages are found, our team will request weather verification reports to pair with the damages. Being prepared before presenting a claim to the insurance company, is just one of our analytical approaches to winning large loss claims.

Lengthy Inspections

& Damage Estimation Help

Owning or managing a Homeowner’s Association or multifamily complexes can present challenges in bulk. Conducting inspections or creating damage estimates for complexes and communities can be a lengthy and tedious process. Our team of public adjusters will perform thorough inspections and damages assessments to accurately document the loss. We’ll ensure all damages are accounted for down to the smallest detail.


Negotiation Expertise

Because HOAs and multifamily complexes have numerous components to consider during a claim, knowing what is a fair and full settlement can be challenging. Hope Public Adjusters’ team has the technical processes to handle all negotiations with the insurance company. We’ll obtain a certified copy of the policy and examine all coverages, limitations, and exclusions pertinent to the success of the claim. Having an in-depth understanding of policy language, our public adjusters can combat inadequate coverage stance from the carrier.

The Hope Standard of Care

Throughout the entirety of the claim you and another other insured members will be kept apprised with continuous updates on the status of your claim. Our customer service department will be your designated point of contact for all questions, concerns, updates, and changes.

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