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When your home has sustained a major loss because of a disaster, you shouldn't have to worry about the details of your insurance claim. While your insurance company should have your best interest in mind, that's not always the case. The claims process can be a challenging and overwhelming experience, especially if you are going it alone. Hope Public Adjusters is here to advocate on you and your family's behalf. We fight to ensure you get the settlement you are owed, while getting you back to your family, home, and business sooner.

Structure Estimation

Done Right

Your insurance company has more than likely requested that you obtain estimates for the loss damages to your property’s structure. Our team of public adjusters have the tools and expertise to compile thorough documentation to build accurate and full estimates. We work alongside your contractor to ensure the completion of a settlement encompassing of what it will take to get your property back to its pre-loss condition.

Personal Property

Inventory Help

After a major loss, your personal property may be affected as well. It can be a tedious task to document, assess, estimate, and inventory all of your items that were damaged or destroyed. Our team of experts will handle the complete evaluation, estimation, and inventorying of all contents. Those that need to be professionally cleaned, we will coordinate with the necessary vendors and those that are declared unsalvageable we will comprise a list complete with item quantity, ages, condition, and determined replacement costs.

Temporary Housing


Depending on the extent of the loss and your policy, you may have coverage for suitable temporary housing while your home is being repaired. This does not mean being placed in a hotel for months on end. This means up to your normal standard of living. Hope Public Adjusters’ team will coordinate and organize short term housing with the proper vendors. We’ll help track, organize, and submit over all additional living expense over to the insurance company, to ensure all incurred costs while being displaced from your home are covered.

The Hope Standard of Care

Throughout the entirety of the claim you and your family will be kept apprised with continuous updates on the status of your claim. Our customer service department will be your designated point of contact for all questions, concerns, updates, and changes.

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