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Tornado / Hurricane Damage

Damages caused by tornadoes or hurricanes can be widespread and leave mass amounts of destruction behind. Whatever the extent of the loss, Hope Public Adjusters’ team can help with structure estimation, personal property inventory, temporary housing coordination, and everything in between.

Tornado Damage

Damage from a Tornado can effect more than one aspect of a property. Tornados of any size can inflict substantial amounts of damage on homes, businesses, commercial buildings, and more. This includes damage to roofs, siding, widows, and unseen damages like foundational cracks and fracturing. Hope Public Adjusters' team of experts will partner with the proper professionals to ensure your home or business is back to the pre-loss condition. Whether we needs to involve structural engineers, restoration contractors, or roofing experts we will take the necessary steps to getting your property fully restored.

We compile detailed documentation of your tornado damage and represent you through the entire claims process.

Hurricane Damage

Although hurricanes effect just a portion of the country, they leave mass amounts of destruction in their wake. They contain severe wind and water damage, making it that much more difficult to navigate through an insurance claim. Because hurricanes create damages of colossal magnitude, insurance companies can be flooded with claims filed causing a delayed process. Our team of public adjusters will inspect, document, evaluate, and negotiate every aspect of your hurricane claim. Helping you get back to your day-to-day routine.

The Hope Approach to Winning Claims

1. Inspection – a standardized inspection process

2. Documentation- Compilation of the Burden of Proof Packet

3. Estimation- Constructing Accurate Amount of Loss

4. Negotiation – We speak the language of the land, “Policy”

5. Settlement- Taking Steps To Expedite The Claim

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