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Fire & Smoke Damage

Fire loss claims are among some of the most complex kinds of claims. The damage from fires can be all-encompassing of burns, smoke and soot, and even water damage from putting the fire out.

Damages Unseen

While burns may cause the worst looking damage, smoke and soot remnants are the most dangerous. They are health hazardous, containing toxins and carcinogens created from various materials burning. Water used to put out the fire creates an additional form of damage that will need to be properly assessed. Because of this every fire situation is different and requires a different solution. Smoke damage can affect every aspect of your home or business and need to be thoroughly assessed. Particulates created by items burning can stay and linger into wall cavities, drywall, insulation, and more. Any structure that has sustained damages from smoke will need to be properly cleaned and may even need replaced. Not only can the main structure be affected, but your personal items may be as well. Any contents that have been damaged by smoke need to be professionally cleaned. If left untreated the smell will continue to linger and so will the health hazardous effects.


Fire losses are so complex because they can effect every coverage within a claim. Each coverage has its own set of exclusions, limitations, and processes. For each coverage Hope Public Adjusters will handle:

Coverage A (Main Structure)- The inspecting, documenting, estimating, and negotiating for the main structure and its damages.

Coverage B (Other Structures)- The same process as the main structure.

Coverage C (Personal Property)- The documenting and inventorying of all personal property categories: electronics, textiles, general contents, and unsalvageable items.

Coverage D (Loss of Use)- The coordination of temporary housing and additional living expenses incurred during the claim.

The Hope Approach to Winning Claims

1. Inspection – a standardized inspection process

2. Documentation- Compilation of the Burden of Proof Packet

3. Estimation- Constructing Accurate Amount of Loss

4. Negotiation – We speak the language of the land, “Policy”

5. Settlement- Taking Steps To Expedite The Claim

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