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Aviation / Hull

Aviation and Hull insurance claims present their own set of rules, exclusions, and conditions that differ from other property damage claims. Whether your aviation or hull has sustained damages from severe weather, fire, or collisions, Hope Public Adjusters can assist in getting you a fair valued settlement. With so many complexities, these claims can be difficult to navigate alone. Our team of experts has the experience and the training to handle the inspection, documentation, evaluation, and negotiations needed to ensure the success of an aviation/ hull claim.

Types of Damages

Aircrafts and boats can sustain damages from several types of occurrences. Damages can occur from severe weather, fire, collisions, etc. Each type of loss presents their own set of challenges and difficulties. Different losses require different procedures and processes to repair or restore. Hope Public Adjusters’ team has a wide range of training and expertise to handle any damage claim that your aviation or hull may have sustained.

Your Right to a Second Opinion

If your insurance company has denied your claim or given you a settlement that you feel is inadequate, you have the right to second opinion. Many insured’s think that once they’re claim has been denied that it’s case closed. This is not always the case and should be reviewed by another certified professional. Hope Public Adjusters’ Team has the expertise to overturn carrier denials, through supported documentation and technical coverage stances.

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