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Agriculture & Crop

Agricultural insurance claims are among some of the most intricate and complex claim types. There are different categories of crop insurance and it is important to know the differences between them. The first being yield-based coverage, which pays an indemnity for lower yields. The second is a revenue plan that ensures a level of crop's value. Depending on your policy and coverages, your production and revenue can be hugely impacted. You need someone advocating for you with the knowledge and experience to ensure you recover what is owed to you.

Detailed Inspections and Damage Estimation Help

Because your production facilities or structures can be affected in an agricultural claim, your livelihood is too. Having to document and evaluate the loss damages can be a lengthy process and take away valuable time from you keeping your production and revenue going. Conducting inspections or creating damage estimates for these facilities can be a lengthy and tedious process. Our team of public adjusters will perform thorough inspections and damages assessments to accurately document the loss. We’ll ensure all damages are accounted for down to the smallest detail.

Business Interruption Help

After a major loss to your farm more than just the property can be affected. Potential business interruption expenses, cuts to your labor force and lost markets can happen. It’s important to understand what your agricultural policy covers when it come to loss of use and business interruption. You need someone with the industry knowledge to dissect every aspect of your policy, to determine what is owed by your insurance company. Hope Public Adjusters’ team will track, organize, and submit over all incurred expenses due to the loss.

Policy-Driven Negotiation Expertise

Because farm claims have multiple components to consider during a claim, knowing what is a fair and full settlement can be challenging. Hope Public Adjusters’ team has the technical processes to handle all negotiations with the insurance company. We’ll obtain a certified copy of the policy and examine all coverages, limitations, and exclusions pertinent to the success of the claim. Having an in-depth understanding of policy language, our public adjusters can combat inadequate coverage stance from the carrier. With Hope Public Adjusters you receive the expertise of public adjusters that understand the complexities of agriculture and crop claims.

The Hope Standard of Care

Throughout the entirety of the claim you and your family will be kept apprised with continuous updates on the status of your claim. Our customer service department will be your designated point of contact for all questions, concerns, updates, and changes.

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