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If your home has sustained fire damage, tornado damage, water damage, or any other type of damage claims, you may be entitled to compensation for losses. Hope Public Adjusters can negotiate with commercial and residential property insurance companies to help you recover maximum compensation for your insurance loss. 


Ohio Public Adjuster Duties

Hiring an Ohio public adjuster allows you to find someone responsible for itemizing your damages, tabulating the costs, and filing claims with the insurance companies. Public adjusters are experts who know when the insurance companies are making you a fair offer or not. 

Hope Public Adjusters have a reputation for understanding and protecting the best interests of their clients. They use their expertise to help you maintain and organize the documentation of your damages and repairs and could even help you locate temporary lodgings when necessary.  Ohio public adjusters work for you instead of the insurance company and will work to help you maximize your settlement. 

Insurance Adjuster License

According to the NAPIA (National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters), most U.S. states require a public adjuster to carry a license, and Ohio is no exception. At Hope Public Adjusters, our public adjusters meet the Ohio public insurance adjusters licensing requirements. Hope’s adjusters often hold several licenses because their adjusters work across state lines. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Ohio Adjusters

Having extensive experience in Ohio and collaborating with the Department of Insurance, we find that these are the questions frequently asked by clients. If you have a question or concern that does not appear on this list, call us to speak with an experienced Ohio public adjuster. 

Why should I hire an Ohio public adjuster?

A licensed Ohio public insurance adjuster can provide insight into what the insurance company could pay you for an insurance claim for your damages. A state of Ohio adjuster is also aware of what your repairs could cost based on their experience. 

Other insurance adjusters may try to capitalize on your loss by stating that the damages to your property are not covered. However, with the assistance of a licensed public adjuster, you don’t have to be at the mercy of the insurance industry. 

How are residential public adjusters paid?

At Hope Public Adjusters, our licensed adjusters are paid on a contingency basis. This means that we will agree on a percentage of your settlement amount that we collect when you win. 

How do I choose a public insurance adjuster?

Always make sure the Ohio adjuster you choose holds an adjuster license. Also, ask around about their business, and look for reviews on local business listings. These reviews are a great way to determine what level of service they’ve provided in the past.  Always do your due diligence before hiring someone. 

Insurance Adjusters in Ohio

There are four main types of insurance adjusters in Ohio: staff adjusters, independent adjusters, catastrophe adjusters, and public adjusters. Each adjuster will assess property damage caused by some event and use that information to evaluate the monetary value of your insurance claim. 

Staff, independent, and catastrophe adjusters all require a similar license, but a Hope licensed public adjuster advocates for policyholders, and therefore, requires a different license. Turn to us when you need help with insurance claims because we have the experience of getting our clients the maximum settlement available. 

Hope Public Adjusters will work tirelessly so that you get fair compensation from the insurance company. Working with a team of experienced and proven Ohio public adjusters can help you move forward with your life by understanding your needs and advocating on your behalf.


Ohio Adjuster Types

The following are examples of the Ohio public adjusters you may work with when going through a claim. 

  • Public Adjusters advocate for regular citizens by handling their insurance claims and seeking the maximum settlement amount on their behalf. Public insurance adjusters require particular licenses before they can handle an insurance claim.
  • Catastrophe (CAT) Adjusters are independent adjusters that travel to areas affected by a devastating event to provide emergency claims adjuster service. Insurance companies get overwhelmed with claims during these catastrophic events, which could affect your claim and settlement.  
  • Independent Adjusters work for a third-party company to perform insurance adjuster work. They contract with insurers to handle their insurance claims, similar to how freelancers work. 
  • Staff Adjusters are insurance adjusters who work for and represent insurance companies. They are subject to certain restrictions while handling insurance claims or damage claims on behalf of the insurer. They usually work for either commercial or residential coverages, depending on the insurer they’re employed by.

Licensed Claims Adjusters in Ohio

Working with a Hope Public claims adjuster can help you get full and fair compensation for your damages when you’ve suffered a disaster that has damaged your property. Public adjusters collaborate with other professional services to ensure fair compensation is awarded to homeowners, commercial business owners, and others who file a claim with their insurer and expect to be paid fairly. 

Hope Public Adjusters work on a contingency basis, meaning their fee is a percentage of the total amount of your claim. You don’t have to pay anything to use our company’s adjuster service until they have secured your claim from the insurance company. Contact Hope Public Adjusters to schedule a free, commitment-free consultation about the damage to your property. There’s no commitment, and we will answer all of your questions before you contract our services. 

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