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If after a bad storm, natural disaster, or any other time you might require an insurance claim, you don’t feel that you are getting the settlement you deserve from the insurance company,  give our office a call so we can help you. At Hope Public Adjusters, our Michigan public adjusters are licensed professionals who provide a number of services for homeowners that help them file a claim for the damage to their property. We provide second opinions and insurance claim review services throughout the Wolverine State. Contact our office today at (833) – 31 – CLAIM to learn how we can help you get the settlement you deserve from the insurance company.

How do you become a public adjuster in Michigan?

Appraisers, consultants, and other insurance claim professionals must meet the highest standards of their profession in order to be taken seriously and to be legally allowed to practice in their state.

To become a Michigan insurance adjuster, you must file an Electronic Resident Licensing (ERL) application on the National Insurance Producer Registry (NIPR) website. Next, you must prepare for the Michigan Adjuster License State Exam and register for it. The examination is rigorous. Candidates are advised to take practice tests and study hard because the exam is 100 questions, and they must get a score of 70% to pass. Applicants who scored below a 70% will need to retake the exam within six months. 

Candidates for the Michigan adjuster license must be at least 18 years of age and complete a thorough background check, including providing the required documentation.

Usually, public adjusters gain professional experience through apprenticeships so they can learn first-hand how to evaluate property damage.

If you are a Michigan resident and a public adjuster, you are not required to complete continuing education hours. However, non-resident public adjusters in Michigan will need to complete these hours.

How does a non-resident become a public adjuster in Michigan?

Non-residents must be licensed in the state that is their principal residence or business, but if that state did not require successful completion of an examination at the time of licensure, then the applicant will need to take the Michigan examination. There is an application/licensing fee of $15.00 plus an additional $5.00 transaction fee. 

Are public adjusters legitimate?

A public adjuster is a licensed professional

A public adjuster is a licensed professional, but that sometimes doesn’t inspire confidence in residents relying on their public adjuster to fight for a fair settlement on their residential or commercial claims. If you have heard that public adjusters are a waste of time when filing your insurance claim, think again. What you may have heard was actually about an unlicensed adjuster or scammer who took advantage of a commercial or residential property owner. Unfortunately, when those scammers leave without the client getting the settlement they want from the insurance company, it can negatively affect the profession.

Here are some tips to help you avoid scammers:

  1. Be wary of so-called consultants who show up after bad storms, such as hail storms or thunderstorms, alleging to help with damage claims
  2. If the supposed consultant starts to get aggressive about you filing your insurance claim or saying that you need to replace your roof right away, or if they are overly friendly at first but become increasingly aggressive, then immediately stop talking to them and call Hope Public Adjusters.
  3. Always verify a license by calling the Department of Insurance and Financial Services for licensure information at 877-999-6442

How much does a private adjuster cost?

There are three typical ways that private adjusters accept payment for services:

  1. Contingency fees, or a percentage of the award amount from the settlement
  2. A flat rate
  3. An hourly rate

What is included in the cost?

There are a number of ways that a Michigan public adjuster helps clients:

  • They review your insurance policy coverage
  • Inspect property damage such as water damage, vandalism, or damage after a fire
  • Calculate an estimate of damages to provide to your home insurer
  • Identify each of the items that have been damaged and classify which ones need cleaning, repairs, or replacements
  • Organizing all of your paperwork, documents, and evidence to use when filing your claim
  • Negotiating with the insurance company on your behalf, so you get the maximum settlement you deserve for your claim

Is a public adjuster a good job?

We certainly think so! At Hope Public Adjusters, we feel humbled and thankful to play such a significant part in helping others to get the settlement that they deserve from their insurance claim after a disaster that has caused damage to their property, such as:

  • Water damage
  • Fire damage
  • Smoke damage
  • Theft

It takes a lot of studying to become a public adjuster, and in many cases, adjusters also have skills in related fields, such as policy or construction, that help them to help their clients better. Anyone willing to put in that amount of effort should be proud of their accomplishment of obtaining their license and the positive impact they will make in the neighborhoods they serve. Call our office today at (833) – 31 – CLAIM to speak to one of our passionate Hope Public Adjusters who are ready to help you file your Michigan insurance claim for your property damage.

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