Nuclear Moisture Testing

Prevent Mold In Home or Business

nuclear moisture testing

If you’ve had some flooding or rainwater come into your home or business, you might think that mopping it up and drying it would take care of the water. While these actions get rid of the water on the surface, if the water has been standing in an area even for a few minutes, it can permeate walls, carpet, ceilings, roofs, furniture, and other belongings. This might not seem like a big deal as it will dry eventually, but the presence of moisture that hasn’t been dried or cleaned up can lead to mold. Mold in your home or business can lead to poor indoor air quality, damages to the structure of your property, belongings, and can cause issues with your health. Not only can it affect your health and property, but it can also affect your insurance claim for flooding and water. If your insurance company finds that mold growth could’ve been prevented, they won’t cover the whole cost of your claim.

It takes mold only 24 hours to spread, so if you want to get the best settlement for your water, flooding, storm, or even fire and smoke damage claim, it’s so important that you have someone who is representing you and your interests. Hope Public Adjusters isn’t just a company that can help clients file insurance claims and advocate for them, we also provide other services to ensure that your property doesn’t accumulate further damages. One of our services includes nuclear moisture testing for your Indianapolis, IN home or business. Nuclear moisture testing is the most precise way we are able to find moisture that is hidden in your property. Don’t let your insurance company deny your claim based on mold growth. Instead, let us help you get the best claim by preventing mold infestation. You can reach us at (833) – 31 – CLAIM to get claims help and moisture testing.

When Is Nuclear Moisture Testing Necessary?

In our homes or businesses, there is always going to be moisture in the air. This can be due to taking a shower or spilling some water on the ground, but there is a difference between that type of moisture and the moisture that causes mold. With nuclear moisture testing, we can detect between the different types of moisture in your home or business. This is because nuclear moisture tests use infrared thermography to tell the difference in the temperatures of moisture that is on your roof, floors, walls, carpets, and belongings. With the help of this type of device, we can accurately deal where moisture is and if there is a potential for mold growth.

There are many occasions when our team will want to use nuclear moisture testing for your Indianapolis, IN after certain situations. These situations include

  • Bathroom leaks
  • Busted pipes
  • Extinguishing fires
  • Floods
  • Frozen pipes
  • Kitchen leaks
  • Plumbing leaks
  • Roof Leaks
  • Sewage backups
  • Wet floors
  • Storms
  • Water heater leaks
  • HVAC leaks
  • And more!

We want to ensure that you get the best settlement possible for your insurance claims, so we will offer additional services like nuclear moisture tests to see if there is a presence of mold. Making an attempt to rid your property of mold is going to benefit you more in the long run. If you have a burst pipe and don’t know about it, when you eventually need coverage, your insurance company can deny you because you didn’t make an attempt to remove the mold, regardless if you knew about the leak or not. Let us help you by calling us today at (833) – 31 – CLAIM.

Call Our Public Adjusters Today

As your public adjusters, we will do a number of things for you that include

  • Reviewing your policy for flooding, water, and storms.
  • Inspect damages, including using nuclear moisture testing to see if there is any mold present.
  • Give your insurance company an estimate on damages to your property.
  • Prepare and file all of your paperwork.
  • Organize water and mold remediation, as well as repairs and replacements if needed.
  • Negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf.
  • Get you the maximum settlement for your claim.

Not only will you work with the best public adjusters in the state of Indiana, but we also have engineers, interior environmental specialists, and water remediation professionals who work with us. With the help of these experts, we are able to curb further damages to your property. After an incident that involves water, we will always make sure that you get nuclear moisture testing for your Indianapolis, IN property. Making an effort to find the mold and clean it will better help us get you the settlement that you deserve. We offer free claims reviews, so if your home or business has recently been flooded, has water leaks, or has been damaged due to a storm, contact us at (833) – 31 – CLAIM.

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