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As a homeowner or business owner, you want to get the best settlement for your insurance claim. When you work with your insurance company, you expect that they are going to do their best to protect you and get you the claim that you deserve. However, your insurance company has many people filing claims every single day, so it’s important to note that while they might want to help, they don’t always have your best interest at heart. If you get less than you wanted on your insurance claim or your claim was denied, it’s important to get a second opinion. The best people to go to when you are in a situation where you need to dispute an insurance claim is a public adjuster.

If you need dispute insurance claim help in Indianapolis, IN, you can trust the licensed public adjusters at Hope Public Adjusters. We have been in this business for a long time and have what it takes to make sure you get a fair and honest settlement, whether it’s for a firewatervandalism, or storm insurance claim. There are so many times when business owners or homeowners have settled for way less than they have deserved in terms of their insurance claim. This has to do with a number of reasons, such as:

They Trust their Insurance Company: The purpose of an insurance company is to get help for damages from a storm, fire, or another catastrophic event. When our insurance company tells us our claim is only worth so much or they flat out deny it, we want to trust that what they are saying is true.

Insurance Companies Are Experts: Because insurance companies have been around for a long time, we believe that they are credible and they know what they are doing.

You Don’t Have a lot of Options: Time is of the essence in these types of situations and you just need some type of settlement to fix damages to your home or business.

We are here to tell you that you don’t have to settle for this type of service from your insurance company. The public adjusters at Hope Public Adjusters are more than happy to review your claim for free and determine if your insurance company made the right call. After reviewing your claim and seeing that you deserve the maximum settlement, we will be your advocate and fight to get you the settlement you deserve. Give us a call at (833) – 31 – CLAIM to learn about our dispute insurance claim services.

Why It’s Important To Get a Second Opinion

We all want to believe that our insurance companies have our best interest at heart, but that isn’t always the case. Your claim is one of the thousands of claims that your insurance company is going to be handling. They will find anything in your claim to either deny it or give you less than you deserve. If you think that you aren’t getting the best insurance claim settlement, you can contact our certified public adjusters! It is so vital to get a second opinion for many reasons.

Make Sure You are Getting the Correct Settlement: Getting a second opinion does no harm and you are able to see if the settlement they offered you is actually fair.

Avoid Not Having Proper Coverage: If you have a lot of damage to your home or business, you want to be sure that you are getting a settlement that will cover the damages.

You Have the Right to a Second Opinion: If something feels off to you, then you should get a second opinion from a public adjuster. When you hire a public adjuster, they are working for you and not the insurance company. You can feel comfortable knowing they are being honest with you.

If you think you need a second opinion, give us a call at (833) – 31 – CLAIM! We are able to provide dispute insurance claim help for your Indianapolis, IN home or business. We believe you deserve the best settlement and we will work hard in order to get it.

Our Insurance Claim Dispute Help

The licensed public adjusters at Hope Public Adjusters are here to help you with several aspects of your insurance claims.

  • We will review your policy coverage through your insurance company.
  • We provide inspections to determine what kind of damage has been done.
  • Compile a list of items and belongings that have been damaged.
  • Provide an estimation of all the damages.
  • Prepare and file all of your paperwork and documents.
  • Set up repairs, replacements, and clean up for your home or business.
  • Negotiate with your insurance company to get you the maximum settlement.

We believe that every property owner deserves to be heard, as well as have professional representation on their behalf. Not only will we fight to give you the maximum settlement, but we will also have other experts like engineers, interior environmental professionals, and water remediation specialists help get your property back in shape. When you work with us, you can expect to have your claim filed within 24 hours, as well as have all communication from your insurance company go through us. To make set up a consultation for dispute insurance claim help in Indianapolis, IN, call us at (833) – 31 – CLAIM.

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