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Commercial Roofing Assessment

Whether it’s from a fire or severe wind, the part of your commercial property that receives the most damage will likely be the roof. In order to keep your employees safe and keep production up, you need a roofing system that is in good condition. A quality commercial roof ensures everything is protected against inclement weather and outside elements, but fires, wind, hail, water, snow, and ice can leave a roof vulnerable to damage. If your commercial roofing system has been damaged, the first thing you need to do is get in touch with your insurance company. The job of your insurance company is to provide a settlement for the roof damage that was procured. This way, you are able to get the repairs or replacement you need for your roof. Unfortunately, you are one of the thousands of claims that your insurance company is working with and they will do what they can to make the process faster. This can include not giving your claim the proper attention that it deserves and in turn denying or only providing 70% of your claim.

At Hope Public Adjusters, we believe that you deserve the best claim for your commercial roof damage, which is why we are here to provide assistance for your commercial roof insurance claim in Indianapolis, IN, and the surrounding areas. Our job entails going over your roof insurance claim, inspecting the damage on your roof, estimating the damages, and working with your insurance company on your behalf. As a business owner, we know you have other things to take care of, and trying to file a roof insurance claim can be overwhelming. The good news is, our licensed public adjusters take on this burden for you and guarantee that you get the money that you deserve in order to repair or replace your damaged roof. If you believe your insurance company isn’t treating you fairly and you want a second opinion, please contact us at (833) – 31 – CLAIM! We offer free claim reviews, so get in touch with us for your consultation today.

Why a Commercial Roof Insurance Claim Can Be Denied

While your roof is covered by insured perils (this includes hail, wind, water, snow, ice, and accidental roof damage), it is common for an insurance company to deny our commercial roof insurance claim. This is due to the fact that roof damages related to storms are often incorrectly identified as pre-existing wear and tear. Pre-existing wear and tear on your commercial roof can include bitumen, BURs, metal, and flat roof membranes to become warped due to heat, climate changes, or even lack of maintenance. If your roofing system is already old, this can also affect getting a settlement. Typically, an adjuster that works for your insurance provider doesn’t take the time to provide a detailed inspection of our roof, therefore attributing your roof damages to existing damages. When this happens, the damage can become worse because they assured you that it was fine. If you believe that something is wrong with your roof other than pre-existing damages, please call Hope Public Adjusters for a second opinion.

Our public adjusters will work closely with you to review your policy and ensure you get the most out of your settlement. Many people trust that what their insurance company is saying is honest, but if you have experienced these situations with your insurance company, it’s time to call us:

  • They told you the damage on your roof was pre-existing.
  • The inspector did not get on your commercial roof to look at the damage.
  • Your roof was only partially inspected for damage.
  • Your insurance company is giving you less money on the value of your damages.
  • Your insurance company has flat out denied your roof insurance claim.
  • Businesses in your area are getting roof replacements but your insurance company will only cover your roof for repairs.

Do not settle for less than what you deserve on your commercial roof insurance claim in Indianapolis, IN. We are here to advocate for you and ensure you get the money you need. If you are having issues with your insurance company and need help, we are here for you!

How To Protect Your Roof

One of the best things that you can do to protect your roofing investment, as well as protect your roof in the event that it becomes damaged, is to keep your commercial roof in the best condition. Documentation, when your roof has had services, will only help you fight your insurance company to get the whole amount of your claim. The ways that you can keep your roof in great shape are

Routine Maintenance: Your roofing system should have proper maintenance in order to extend the life of the roof, as well as reduce the need for repairs.

Clean Your Roof: If you are able to walk on your commercial roof without damaging, cleaning it is another way to prevent damages from happening. If you are uncomfortable getting on the roof, a professional roof cleaner can do it for you.

Get Roof Inspections: If a severe storm has passed through but you don’t think your roof was damaged or isn’t showing signs of damage, it is still important to get an inspection. Taking this route will only serve to help you when you do find there are damages on your roof.

Save Documentation: Keep receipts, documents, notes, and other information that details the services that you have had for your roof. Having proof that you have kept your roof in great condition can help you fight the insurance company if they say you have pre-existing damages on your roof.

It is important to note that you won’t have to present this information to your insurance company, as we will do it for you. When you work with our certified public adjusters, they will be your representative and your point of contact for the insurance company. Let us fight for your right to a fair settlement for your commercial roof insurance claim in Indianapolis, IN by calling us at (833) – 31 – CLAIM.

You Can Count On Our Public Adjusters

As your public adjuster, we will perform certain tasks to ensure that your insurance company gives you the claim that you deserve.

  • We review your commercial roof insurance policy.
  • We will inspect your entire roof to see the extent of the damage.
  • Provide your insurance company with an estimate on roof damages.
  • Compile a list of losses that were caused by wind, hail, fire, snow, or rain.
  • We will draw up all documentation, as well as file any paperwork that is needed.
  • Schedule clean up, repairs, or replacements for your commercial roof.
  • Negotiate your roof insurance claim with your insurance claim.
  • Get you the money that you deserve.

After writing up your roof insurance claim, our public adjusters will file your claim within 24 hours. Included with your claim will be a letter of representation stating that we advocating the roof claim on your behalf. Sometimes your roof insurance company will not secure a settlement, in which case we will get litigation involved. Our goal is to get you 100-150% of the total claim instead of half. Because of the damages that your roof can acquire, we work with engineers, interior environmental, and water remediation specialists to get your commercial property back in shape. Give us a call at (833) – 31 – CLAIM to work with professionals who believe you deserve the whole commercial roof insurance claim for your Indianapolis, IN roof.

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