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If you thought a stormfire, or vandalism insurance claims were complicated, dealing with aviation insurance claims is a whole other ballpark. This type of policy, as well as the claim, has its own set of rules, exclusions, and conditions that are going to be a lot different than your average insurance for your home or business. If you are in a situation where your aircraft has damage or there has been some loss to your aircraft, you’ll want to have the assistance of professionals who have worked with this kind of insurance claim before. Hope Public Adjusters is not only a company that can offer home and business insurance claims help, but we can also help with aviation insurance claims in Indianapolis, IN. Our public adjusters are able to help with these types of related insurance claims:

  • Ground risk hull (non-motion) insurance–this includes theft, vandalism, damage from animals, damage from uninsured airplanes, lightning, and hail.
  • Ground risk hull (motion) insurance
  • In-flight insurance

It’s important to note that Hope Public Adjusters does not work with the following aviation insurance claims–public liability insurance, passenger liability insurance, and combined single limit.

We want to help you get the settlement that you deserve, so we can take over your insurance claim and be your point of contact with your insurance company. If you are interested in a free claim review for your aviation insurance claim, please contact us at (833) – 31 – CLAIM.

When Can Aviation Insurance Claims Be Denied?

When you’ve had an accident in your aircraft or your airplane has suffered damage due to lightning, birds striking the window, hard landings, or collisions, you expect your insurance is able to cover you. While in most cases this is true, there are times when your aviation insurance claims can be denied by your insurance company. It doesn’t happen too often, but it is still something to be very aware of. The ways in which your insurance can be denied is when the following reasons happen:

Leaving Out Necessary Information: In a situation where you are filing a claim, you need to be 100% honest about everything. This includes being honest about your hours, where the airplane’s home base is if you’ve had other accidents in the past couple of years if you’ve had a DUI in the last couple of years, and how many hours your airplane has. Lying about any of these things will automatically deny you claim coverage.

You Partake in Unapproved Activities: It’s okay to do any type of activity you want in your plane, but you need to tell your insurance company beforehand so that you can have the proper coverage. If you are doing an activity that causes an accident and you didn’t discuss it with your insurance company, they can deny your insurance claim.

You and Your Airplane Are Out of Annual: A couple of days after your annual expires isn’t usually a big deal, but if you or your airplane has been out of annual for a while, then your insurance company is more than likely not going to give you the settlement that you need.

You Let Someone Else Fly Your Airplane: If you let someone who doesn’t have the same credentials as you fly your plane, then your aviation insurance claim can be denied. This can also happen when you are letting someone fly your plane and they are not listed on your coverage.

To ensure that you get your aviation insurance claims in Indianapolis, IN, it’s important that you are always honest with your insurance company. If for some reason you have followed the rules to a T and you are still being denied, let our public adjusters help you. We can offer you a free claim review for your aviation insurance claim.

How Our Public Adjusters Help You

As your licensed public adjusters, we want you to get the aviation insurance claim that you deserve, so we will fight for you and advocate on your behalf with your insurance company. Working with us means that we are able to do certain things for you.

  • We go over your aircraft insurance policy with you.
  • We will inspect any damages that have been done to your aircraft.
  • Our public adjusters will provide a detailed estimation of damages to your insurance company.
  • We are able to prepare and file your documents on your behalf.
  • Arrange for your airplane to be repaired and cleaned.
  • Negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf.
  • Ensure you get the maximum settlement on your aviation insurance claims.

Whether a hailstorm has damaged your airplane or you got into an accident while taxiing, it’s important to call Hope Public Adjusters to get the necessary help that you need for your aviation insurance claims in Indianapolis, IN. Your public adjuster is able to help you understand parts of your coverage that you don’t understand, answer any questions that you might have, file your claim within 24 hours, and fight to get you the settlement that you deserve. We are here to advocate for you and make sure your insurance company gives you a fair settlement. To work with one of our public adjusters, just call our office at (833) – 31 – CLAIM today.

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