Public Adjuster Illinois

When the exterior of your Illinois home is damaged, a public adjuster could help you recover damages from your Illinois insurance provider. Whether your home has sustained fire damage, tornado damage, water damage, or any other type of damage claims, you could be entitled to compensation for losses. 

Hope Public Adjusters specializes in damage claims and can negotiate with commercial and residential property insurance companies to help you recover maximum compensation for your insurance loss. 


Claims Public Adjusters in Illinois Handle

Seasoned public adjusters in Illinois could help you with the following types of claims:

Residential Claims

A public adjuster in Illinois can use their licensed skillset to help you recover damages, whether on your home, vacation home, or rental property. Stormy weather can strike without a moment’s notice, and that’s why it can be paramount that you consult with a public adjuster that has helped thousands of Illinois homeowners. 

A public adjuster with residential claims experience can help you sift through the often over-complicated insurance claim process. Let Hope Public Adjusters help you maximize your insurance claim so your home can be restored after a devastating storm.

Multi-Family Unit Claims

Multi-family unit insurance claims can be complex because of the many parties involved. Many apartment owners, condominium or townhouse homeowners association boards, or property managers have failed to complete this process independently. 

Hope Public Adjusters in Illinois are well versed in construction and insurance policy language and rules. We have extensive experience with difficult multifamily claims and can use that experience to reduce your load and restore your property. 

Commercial Building Claims

Commercial building claims are some of the most tricky types of damaged property claims because of the nature of their roofing systems. Commercial roofs have many layers, different materials, and can vary in size. You don’t have to figure out these tricky claims all on your own. Hope Public Adjusters have licensed adjusting services in Chicago ready to meet your commercial claim needs while helping your business get back on track and recovering the damages you’re entitled to by law.

Insurance Adjuster License

According to the NAPIA (National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters), most U.S. states require a public adjuster to carry a license, and Illinois is no exception. At Hope Public Adjusters, our public adjusters meet the Illinois public adjusters licensing requirements. Hope’s adjusters often hold several licenses because their adjusters work across state lines. 

Illinois Department of Insurance

The Illinois Department of Insurance is the code department of the Illinois state government that regulates Illinois’ insurance industries and professions. This department determines what duties insurance adjusters possess and the laws governing insurance companies. Speak with a HOPE public adjuster about your insurance company’s limitation and how public adjusting can support your claim. 

Illinois Public Adjuster Duties

If your home, business, or property is damaged and you file an insurance claim, the next step in the process is to have the claim situation assessed. Illinois public adjusters can be responsible for itemizing your damages, tabulating your costs, filing your case according to the governing Illinois laws, and filing claims with Chicago insurance companies on your behalf. 

Public adjusters in Chicago understand when insurance companies are treating you fairly. The adjustment process determines if your recent peril is covered under your insurance policy. If it is not covered, your claim is denied, but If it is covered, the damages and how much your insurer will pay for the repairs are determined based on the adjusting.

Hope Public Adjusters use their expertise to help you maintain and organize the documentation of your damages and repairs. They also have helped clients relocate to temporary lodgings when necessary. Illinois public adjusters work for you instead of the insurance company and will work to help you maximize your settlement. 


Insurance Adjusters in Illinois

There are three types of adjusters in Illinois that could be involved in your claim process:

  • Staff adjusters work for the insurance company
  • Independent insurance companies provide freelance adjusting services for insurance companies
  • Public adjusters work directly for and with their clients and advocate on their behalf

There are three main insurance adjusters in Illinois: staff adjusters, independent adjusters, and public adjusters. Each adjuster can assess property damage caused by a destructive event and use that information to determine the value of your insurance claim. 

Staff and independent adjusters all require similar licensing, but a Hope licensed public adjuster advocates for you, the policyholder, and therefore, requires a unique license. Hope Public Adjusters can work continuously to help you reclaim fair compensation from the insurance company.

Illinois Public Adjuster Services

Public Adjusters fight for regular people by handling their insurance claims. By seeking the maximum settlement amount on their behalf, they prioritize their client’s needs. Here are more details about the three types of Illinois insurance adjusters: 

Staff Adjusters

Staff Adjusters are company insurance adjusters who work for the insurance company. They are subject to certain restrictions by the state of Illinois while handling insurance claims or damage claims on behalf of the insurer. 

Staff adjusters, also known as company adjusters, represent the insurance company during the claim adjustment process. These adjusters are typically authorized to determine whether the event is covered by your insurance policy and can put together an estimate of the damages and what the insurance company is willing to pay to make repairs. 

Independent Adjusters

Independent adjusters in the state of Illinois work for third-party companies to perform insurance adjuster work. An independent adjuster contracts with insurers similarly to freelancers. They may determine coverage and make estimates, depending on their relationship with the insurer. 

Independents can be used when your insurance company is smaller and does not have enough adjusters on staff. When catastrophes happen, these adjusters can provide additional services to those affected by a significant flood, earthquake, or hurricane or when there is an extraordinary amount of claims. 

Public Adjusters

Your Chicago public adjuster works directly for you. It’s their job to ensure each person they work with understands the laws affecting their claim and helps their clients to reach a satisfactory settlement between the property owner and the insurance company. 

Working with a Hope public claims adjuster can help you get full and fair compensation for your damages. Public adjusters collaborate with other professional services to ensure fair compensation is awarded to homeowners, commercial business owners, and others who file a claim with their insurer and expect to be paid fairly. 

Advantages Of Using Illinois Public Adjusters

You have the right to claim as a property owner when something happens to your insured properties. Many homeowners and property owners assume this process is straightforward, but the insurance claim process is complicated. 

Here are some of the main advantages to hiring a Chicago or public adjuster in Illinois from HOPE to help you with your insurance claim:

Licensed Illinois Public Adjusters

The state of Illinois requires public adjusters to be licensed before representing clients. In Illinois, public adjusters have to pass a competency exam, a comprehensive background check, the PA must be bonded to protect consumers, and all of the contracts used with the public must be approved by the Illinois Department of insurance. 

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners lists all the licensed public adjusters in Illinois, and there you can look up any Illinois licensed public adjuster. Unfortunately, many contracting professionals misrepresent themselves as adjusters but aren’t legally allowed to do claims work.

Sometimes general contractors and others who deal with insurance claims are by their actions acting illegally as a public adjuster. Typically, a contractor can only highlight damages and make repair recommendations. As soon as they begin to discuss concepts in the insurance policy and use or interpret policy language, they violate the law. 

HOPE Public Adjusters has full-time licensed Chicago PAs on staff and is constantly growing. Contractors will only discuss damage and repair but won’t understand the depts of coverage and policy language. Work with the seasoned professionals at HOPE public adjusters today.

Adjusters Understand Policy Language

HOPE public adjusters do all the tedious work of familiarizing themselves with your insurance policy. The language embedded in your policy is just as crucial as the damages you’ve faced. Your Illinois adjuster will use the intricacies of your policy to help support your claim. 

Knowing what is in your insurance policy and its relation to your claim is vital. For example, 

things like what parts of the buildings are protected, which types of disasters are covered, and the maximum amount your insurance company can pay out. Working with an adjuster with the proper licensing and experience decoding insurance policies could benefit your claim.

Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance carrier. You pay premiums to ensure that your property is protected, and that’s why having an expert in policy language on your side could prove invaluable.

Adjusters Can Maximize Returns

Hope adjusters specialize in maximizing damage claims for their clients. Their seasoned staff handles thousands of claims and will use this experience to know when you’re being taken advantage of. Sometimes PAs can multiply the total amount of your claim, and choosing the right PA can be paramount to recovering your property from fire damage. 

Advocating With Your Insurance Company

Insurance companies ensure your life is restored, and your things are repaired or replaced when damaged or destroyed. Insurance companies also want to make money, which sometimes clouds the reason they were created.

However, working with a PA can be crucial because your insurance company will minimize expenses to increase profits by reducing what they payout. The helpful public adjusters at Hope know the industry. HOPE Public Adjusters make sure your insurance company treats you, your property, and your claim with “good faith.”

From initially filing your claim correctly, advocating on your behalf, knowing when to call in legal representation, Hope PAs have your back. We will use knowledge and experience to win your claim.

Hope Public Adjusters Save You Time

Insurance claims often take months to resolve, and even though some claims go through with no problems and take a few weeks, some claims seem to last forever. Even claims that appeared simple at first could take months and involve dozens of onsite meetings, hours of phone calls and conference calls, hours of documentation, and hours of estimations.

Now imagine a catastrophe hits, and all of these problems are multiplied by every tenet of a big commercial building, apartment complex, or homeowner association. These claims usually involve lots of ownership interests, dozens of construction estimates, interpretations of lengthy insurance policy documents, meetings with teams of adjusters, engineers, and construction experts, and months and months of moving parts, denials, and negotiations. 

Do yourself a favor, and hire a Hope public adjuster. We do all of the work which allows you, the property owner, to get your life and business back together after a catastrophe. We could help you take the stress, frustration, and aggravation out of the process.

Frequently Asked Questions about Illinois Adjusters

Having extensive experience in Illinois, we find that these are the questions frequently asked by clients. If you have a question or concern that does not appear on this list, call us to speak with an experienced Illinois public adjuster. 

Can a restoration company or a contractor do the same thing as a public adjuster?

A licensed public adjuster is the only one who can assist you in preparing, filing, and adjusting your insurance claim. Restoration companies and contractors are neither licensed nor regulated by the Illinois Department of Insurance. 

Why should I hire an Illinois public adjuster?

Insurance companies often try to take advantage of those looking to settle their claims. Ideally, they want to minimize what they payout to maximize their profits. This may be devastating to your claim. 

Your Illinois public adjuster can help you with every part of the claims process. Your public adjuster can assess your damages, estimate the costs, and negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf. It’s your insurance adjuster’s goal to maximize your claim, and hiring the right public adjuster can protect your property and protect your rights as an owner.

Who has the burden of proof regarding the damages and the responsibility for filing an insurance claim?

The burden of proof lies with you, the property owner. However, hiring an Illinois public adjuster could help you relieve that burden.

Which laws will affect a public adjuster in Illinois?

A public adjuster in Illinois has to be licensed by the State, and that license can be suspended or revoked for violations of the specific statutory mandates. The Public Insurance Adjuster’s statute regulates the adjuster profession, including keeping records, licensing examinations, compliance with Illinois’ contract regulations, and reimbursement for services. 

The Illinois laws governing public adjusters state that they may not provide legal advice or engage in the unauthorized practice of law. Also, an Illinois public adjuster may not agree to any loss settlement without the insured’s knowledge and consent.

What is a bond?

The Illinois Department of Insurance requires all Illinois PAs to post a $20,000 surety bond to protect their clients.

A public adjuster Illinois surety bond holds PAs accountable for their professional conduct. Illinois will not issue public adjuster licensing until a bond is provided.

According to the Illinois compiled statutes, this bond “shall be in favor of this State and shall specifically authorize recovery by the Director on behalf of any person in this State who sustained damages as the result of erroneous acts, failure to act, a conviction of fraud, or conviction of unfair practices in his or her capacity as a public adjuster.”

What are the requirements to becoming an Illinois public adjuster?

To obtain or maintain a public adjuster license in Illinois, you must meet the following requirements:

Pay required licensing fees

Be trustworthy, reliable, competent, and of good reputation

Provide proof of financial responsibility (bond)

Minimum 18 years of age

Pass public adjusters exam

Be fingerprinted by an Illinois approved Live Scan Fingerprint vendor

Filed your contract and rate schedule of charges, in duplicate, along with a letter of submission, with the Department of Insurance

Do public adjusters in Illinois get paid upfront?

Typically, you won’t need to pay your public adjuster upfront because they’ll take an agreed-upon percentage of the insurance company’s settlement to you afterward.

How are Hope public adjusters paid?

At Hope Public Adjusters, our licensed adjusters are paid on a contingency basis. This means that we will agree on a percentage of your settlement amount that we collect when you win. This percentage can range between 10 and 30%. 

This also means that our public adjusters don’t get paid unless you win. You don’t have to pay anything to use the insurance company’s staff adjusters, but paying that 20% fee for a public adjuster could net you 100%, 200%, or even more money for your claim, which makes the fee more than worth it.

What is night chasing?

Night chasing is a statute that prevents adjusters from soliciting owners between 7 PM and 8 AM. The act states that “A Public Insurance Adjuster may not propose or attempt to propose to any person that the Public Insurance Adjuster represent that person while a loss-producing occurrence is continuing nor while the fire department or its representatives are engaged at the damaged premises nor between the hours of 7:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m.”

These individuals try to take advantage of property owners in their moments of weakness. You can report these individuals to the Department of Insurance if you feel you’ve encountered a night chaser. 

Do I have the right to cancel my public adjuster in Illinois?

The Illinois statutes state that the insured has the option that any such contract executed within five business days after the conclusion of the loss-producing occurrence shall be voidable for ten days after execution. This has to be stated clearly in the contract. 

The insured can void the contract by notifying the Public Insurance Adjuster in writing by registered mail with return receipt requested to the address shown in the contract; or by personally serving the notice to the adjuster. 

The public adjuster must notify how to cancel the contract within the contract to be following the law. 

How do I choose a public insurance adjuster in Illinois?

The Illinois public adjuster you choose needs to hold an adjuster license issued by the state. Be sure to look for reviews on local business listings that reflect that excellent track record. 

Always do your due diligence before hiring someone to represent your insurance claim. Finding the right adjuster with experience in the Illinois community can help you win your claim and maximize your returns.

The Public Adjusters Act was amended and required public adjusting company owners to be licensed. That means the owner must have taken and passed an exam, is properly bonded, and has complied with all aspects of the adjusting requirements. 

This helps to ensure that the people operating the company have the necessary skill set, knowledge, and have passed the background checks of the Illinois Department of Insurance before their company can act as a legal public adjusting company in Illinois.

The team of public claims adjusters at Hope will fight and advocate for you to ensure that you get a fair settlement. We work hard for you so you get the insurance claims you deserve.

Are you not sure how to get a public adjuster? Ask other people that have used a public adjuster for referrals is the best method. You can also do a Google search for public adjuster services. You’ll get several to call and question their policies and if they believe you have a case. If you have an attorney, they recommend one to you as well. Call Hope Public Adjusters today for your public adjuster in Illinois.

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