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Do you have property damage? Do you need help with your insurance claims? Have your claims been denied or underpaid? An Atlanta GA public adjuster works for you when you are not getting the settlement that you deserve from the insurance company. Insurance adjusters are your advocate in the claims process, making sure that you fully recover your losses from storm damage, wind damage, or any other type of claim. A Georgia public adjuster is an advocate for the policyholder throughout the claims process from the beginning to settlement.

Public adjusters are insurance professionals that represent the interests of policyholders in insurance claims regarding property, such as a private home. They are often hired by homeowners who have experienced extensive damage to their property and are filing an insurance claim for fire, a windstorm, hail, water damage, or other incident that led to property damage. Public adjusters also negotiate with the insurance companies on behalf of the homeowner. 

A Georgia Public adjuster is a property loss professional who evaluates a home after a flood, bad storm, fire, or other disastrous event and helps to file an insurance claim and negotiate a settlement on behalf of the policyholders, whether they own residential or commercial property

How do you become a public adjuster in Georgia?

First, you must complete the public adjuster training pre-licensing course, which is 40 hours and available online for about $200. Next, you must take the Public Adjuster Exam, which consists of 100 questions. The exam is two hours long and costs $63. Examinees must bring two forms of ID to the testing center when they take the public adjuster exam. Applicants must then complete an application form on the Office of Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner website.

Next, you will be fingerprinted and have to undergo a background check before your license is issued to you.

Experience in another field certainly helps when starting out as a public adjuster. A great Georgia public adjuster typically has prior experience in another related field, such as construction, that qualifies them to make professional assessments of damage.

While it is not required to have prior experience as a general contractor in engineering or another related field, you should have enough knowledge to develop claim strategies for your clients and be able to come up with realistic settlement amounts in negotiations. Experience matters and policyholders want to work with an Atlanta GA public adjuster who knows how to present a case to the insurance company and negotiate successfully on behalf of their client. 

In order to become a Georgia insurance claim adjuster, you must be at least 18 years old and complete the 40 hour adjuster pre-licensing course. After you have completed the course, you will then need to schedule your exam at an official testing center and pass with a 70% score or higher. 

Continuing education is required for licensees who are residents in the state of Georgia with less than 20 years of service; that amounts to 15 hours of education. Insurance adjusters who are also Georgia residents with more than 20 years of experience must complete 10 hours.

How do I become a non-resident Georgia insurance adjuster?

If you hold an insurance adjuster license in another state, then the state of Georgia can also grant you licensing privileges. However, if your home state does not require a license for its public adjusters, then you must sit for the Georgia adjuster exam. Continuing education is not required for non-residents.

Do you need an adjuster’s license in Georgia?

Yes, in order to join this profession, you must obtain a Georgia insurance adjuster license. In fact, this could be a lucrative and wise move for a professional already working in insurance who wants to make a difference in neighborhoods and communities by advocating on behalf of homeowners/policyholders.

Are public adjusters legitimate?

Public Adjuster

Of course, in every industry, there are scammers who make the rest of the people in that field look bad. Public adjusters are no different. Unfortunately, there have been cases of public adjusters embezzling money from victims of fires and natural disasters who then cash the insurance claim checks that were supposed to go to the homeowners to repair their property damage and water damage. 

Just like a lot of other industries, if you know how to identify the scammers, then you will not become a victim. First, never hire a public adjuster who is not licensed and bonded, and whose license status cannot be verified by the Georgia Office of Insurance and Safety Fire. Secondly, you should receive a written agreement with all of the adjuster’s fees listed before hiring a public adjuster to start on your case.

Are there other types of insurance adjusters?

There are three types of insurance adjusters depending on who their employer is.

  • A company insurance adjuster is employed by a larger organization and is sent to evaluate claims that are filed by the policyholders of that company
  • Independent adjusters also work for insurance companies but typically in a consulting role
  • Public adjusters who visit a property to evaluate loss for a policyholder and advocate on your behalf to the insurance company.

How much does a private adjuster cost?

Public adjusters have different fee structures for providing services to clients that help them with their residential or commercial insurance claims. Each state has its own laws and regulatory guidelines on how public insurance adjusters in that state are allowed to be compensated for their services. In the state of Georgia the overseeing body is The Georgia Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (GAPIA).

If you are looking to hire one of any public adjusters for your claim in Georgia, then you may be charged a flat rate, hourly rate or have to pay a percentage of the compensation that you are awarded from the insurance company after your adjuster successfully advocates on your behalf. Hope Public Adjusters also offers a completely free claim review, so you can call our office without any financial risk at our toll-free number (833) – 31 – CLAIM to schedule yours. 

Why Hope Public Adjusters

As alluded to earlier, a great public adjuster in Atlanta GA is someone who has not only met the state qualifications but has skills and knowledge that set them apart from the competition. Our public adjusters have a deep knowledge of policies and are excellent communicators, as our past clients can attest to. Our public adjusters help you get a just settlement for your commercial property or home. So don’t wind up settling for a lot less – call now so we can get started on your claim.

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