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Public adjusters work with policyholders to help them get all they’re entitled to out of their insurance claims. Most people don’t understand all the precise details of their insurance claim, and in the event of a catastrophe to their property, these details make all the difference. 

Insurance company documents can be full of legal information that can be very difficult to understand. Many individuals in Denver, CO turn to public insurance adjusters because they help evaluate damage and rebuilding costs, track the flow of insurance payments and amounts due, and work with your insurance company to support their clients’ insurance claims. 

Colorado public adjusters cater their services to individual policyholders. They work side by side with policyholders deciphering those cryptic policies while helping their clients get fair settlements. Rather than solely working for a business, property, or company, their priority is their service to policyholders. 

If you’ve only suffered a minor setback, you may not require the service of a Colorado public adjuster, but if you’ve recently become the victim of an unexpected calamity, then Hope Public Adjusters could be the service you need to get your life back on track. Homeowners can contact them now, especially those in need of resources because of a loss or damage to their home in the Denver area.


Colorado Public Adjuster Duties

An insurance adjuster’s primary duties are to survey the damage, estimate its cost, and help you file your insurance claim. Adjusters keep track of the documents and appointments necessary for your insurance company and can attend meetings with you or on your behalf. Your insurance adjuster can also help you find alternate arrangements when your home is uninhabitable.

The National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters (NAPIA) reports that most states require public adjusters to pass an examination and be licensed. Therefore, public adjusters must follow state guidelines that outline their job responsibilities and the claims process. 

Colorado public adjusters typically aren’t allowed to handle bodily injury claims, car insurance claims, or third-party claims. Hiring a public insurance claim adjuster could be an important step in treating your insurer fairly. 

Your Colorado insurer may assign different adjusters to work on your claim, and your public adjuster can explain the process to you while working on your behalf to handle all the minute tasks associated with filing a large claim. 

People regularly settle for less than the total cost of their damages because they are exhausted, 

especially near the end of a complicated claim. Working with Hope Public Adjusters in Colorado could reduce the amount of stress you face dealing with your claim and make things easier and more efficient for you. 

Advantages to Hiring A Colorado Public Adjuster

Colorado public claims adjusters could minimize the hassle you face collecting evidence and negotiating with your insurers. Public adjusters support their clients by filing the necessary paperwork, arranging inspections of your damaged property, and bargaining with insurance companies if they refuse to pay the total value of your claim. 

Colorado public adjusters can also use the following advantages to support their clients: 

Local Advantage

Sometimes after a widespread disaster, insurance companies bring in adjusters from out of state who aren’t familiar with local costs. Having a local Colorado adjuster with knowledge of the local costs, hazards, court procedures, business practices, your company goals, fee amounts, property restrictions, contact information for additional resources, experience with other homeowners, commercial laws and restrictions, and relationships within the community can be a benefit of hiring the right Denver public adjusters.

Public Adjusters Save Time

Homeowners and commercial and business professionals have many priorities that supersede dealing with insurance companies. Securing a public adjuster to organize and manage your claim could help minimize the time loss, dealing with the claim.

Claim Expertise

Insurance policies are complicated documents and are often misinterpreted. The support of a knowledgeable adjuster, familiar with both the insurance policy’s language and its enforcement, could be advantageous to the settlement of your claim. Public adjusters find ways to reduce the total amount of loss and damage you suffer for your home. 

More Efficient Claims Resolutions

Properly organizing your claim, processing the paperwork as needed, and communicating with your insurance carrier could help you avoid the bureaucratic traps insurers use to slow down the claims process. Hope Public Adjusters could help to expedite your claims process and get your repairs started immediately.

Colorado Public Adjusters Protect Policyholders

Finding the right public adjuster for your property with an understanding of your insurance company’s expectations could give you an advantage even when your claim is denied. Public adjusters typically negotiate larger deals with insurance companies, especially in catastrophic situations.

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Finding the Right Public Adjuster

Typically adjusters can be fair and honest, but it is also essential to find the right public adjuster for you. When hiring an adjuster, start by looking at the following credentials:

  • Do they have the skills necessary to assess damages? 
  • Do they have the necessary experience collaborating with insurance companies?
  • Can they communicate clearly and effectively?
  • Are they a member of the  National Association of Public Insurance Adjusters?
  • Do they have a license?

Protecting your property from loss and damage should be the main priority for your public adjuster. Some adjusters choose to obtain their adjuster license after witnessing how devastating property damage can be. 

If you have experienced loss due to a catastrophic incident, a public adjuster can be there to help reduce the overall costs and damages to your property. Contact Hope Public Adjusters to get started only your case right away. 

Public Adjuster Costs

Public adjusters usually ask for a fee based on a certain percentage of your settlement’s total value, incentivizing them to maximize your insurance claim. Fees vary from 10%-30%, depending on the state and your claim. 

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), public adjusters typically charge around 15% of the total value of your claim. Public adjusters can only help you recover what you’re legally entitled to. 

When you decide to hire a public claims adjuster in Colorado, check their qualifications with your state insurance department, ask your friends for referrals, and only contact them after a major disaster when you are sure that they are qualified.

Hiring Hope Public Adjusters in Colorado

When you decide to hire a public insurance adjuster, you’ll sign a contract that defines what percentage of your settlement you’ll pay. Typically you can terminate these agreements within 72 hours after signing. 

If you have experienced a huge loss, it will be difficult for you to fathom everything that will need replacing. Hope Public Adjusters can guide you through the process. Working with a seasoned adjuster at the beginning of your big claim will allow our public adjusters the best chance to expedite your claim. 

If you didn’t hire a public claims adjuster and find yourself amid a claim nightmare, you could bring in a Hope public adjuster in the middle of a claim. Our main goal at Hope Public Adjusters is to get our clients back to their families, homes, and businesses sooner. 

Do not let your insurance company determine how much of their money they feel like giving you. Contact us now and allow our team of public adjusters to fight and advocate for you to ensure that you get a fair settlement. We work hard for you so you get the insurance claims you deserve.

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