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Central to the work of the professional and licensed insurance adjusters is to support the holder of the insurance policy and represent them on their insurance claims. Filing a claim can be a hassle for policyholders, who may also need assistance with understanding their coverage. After a homeowner submits a claim to their insurance company, a Tennessee public adjuster steps in to advocate on their behalf and help them put their claim in order and perfect it. 

An adjuster works to resolve the insurance claim with the insurance company. There are many steps in the claims process that a policyholder can delegate out to an experienced public adjuster to minimize stress, especially after a hard loss. Public adjusters also guide policyholders and provide them information on what they are responsible for. 

When you are at an impasse with your insurance adjuster, but you don’t want to file a lawsuit, a public insurance adjuster can negotiate with insurance companies for an adjustment or settlement as a licensed insurance industry professional.

What Public Adjusters Do

For many policyholders, whether they’re homeowners or business owners, the process of filing a claim can be frustrating, complex and there is much room for honest mistakes by one who isn’t familiar with the process. If you’re a homeowner who needs a place to stay while your claim is being processed, then you’ve got a lot of worries on top of wondering whether or not your policy will cover the damage or loss. At Hope Public Adjusters, we don’t want individuals, families, or businesses to worry or be any more stressed. It’s already more than enough to have to up-end your life when disaster strikes, so by delegating some of your insurance tasks to a public adjuster, you may find yourself saving time, getting a higher claim, and getting back to your life much faster.

Your public insurance adjuster will:

  • Read over and review your policy to help you understand it
  • Conduct an inspection of your loss
  • Review the estimate you received from your insurance company
  • Determine whether or not the settlement offer encompasses the full scope of your loss or damage
  • Ensure that your settlement is aligned with accepted industry standards and practices when it comes to damage restoration

Estimating Your Claim

A public adjuster conducts a thorough inspection of your property to evaluate your loss. They are also with you when an adjuster from the insurance company is inspecting and evaluating your property.

Negotiating Settlements

The insurance company’s adjusters who receive a well-organized and well-prepared claim by one of our Tennessee public adjusters at Hope Public Adjusters is more likely to give the policyholder the settlement they deserve. Call us today to find out how our public insurance adjusters can help you, too. 

The Public Insurance Adjuster’s Profession

On July 1, 2007, a new law forbade any person or business entity to act as a public adjuster without a license. To become a Tennessee public adjuster, one must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be at least 18 years old. 
  • Be a Tennessee resident or eligible for eight nonresident licenses pursuant to Tennessee Code Title 56. Insurance § 56-6-908
  • Be able to provide proof of financial responsibility as required by the 2010 Tennessee Code.
  • Title 56, Chapter 6, Part 9 – Tennessee Public Adjuster Licensing Act of 2006  § 56-6-911 – Financial Responsibility
  • Pass the public adjuster exam
  • Be able to maintain an office in the adjuster’s state of residence that allows public access during regular business hours or otherwise at a reasonable time by appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

At Hope Public Adjusters, we are happy to answer any questions you have about your home, insurance policy, or insurance claims if you do not see the answers you are looking for here. Give us a call today so we can explain to you how you can receive the highest settlement for your coverage.

Can I afford a public insurance adjuster?

Much like attorneys, public adjusters work on a contingency fee basis. This means that they do not get paid unless you recover the money you need from the insurance company. They will charge a certain percentage of your overall settlement to cover the cost of the services that they have provided. But unlike attorneys who may charge a large percentage of their client’s settlement, public adjusters charge somewhere between 10% and 30% for claims.

This also means that you, as the policyholder, are taking on a risk by hiring a public adjuster. If any percentage of your insurance money is going to a public adjuster, you want to ensure that someone will get you the most out of your claim. End your search for a Tennessee public adjuster and call our office at 833-312-5246 to speak to an experienced professional about how you can receive the settlement you deserve.

Should I hire an attorney or a public adjuster?

A public adjuster is also more hands-on than a lawyer. A lawyer will have to send someone to your property to create an estimate. That person is usually a contractor who doesn’t know the law but knows a lot about construction. A public adjuster is a one-stop shop with the legal and construction knowledge to help clients navigate the claims process.

Lastly, for lawyers to be profitable, they often practice a few areas of law. That means that they may handle some other types of cases. At Hope Public Adjusters, we only work to represent the policyholder in a claim. Call us today to speak to one of our Tennessee public adjusters.



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