What Is a Public Adjuster?

Certified, Professional Claims Assistance

Unsure what is a public adjuster is? The role of the public adjuster is a certified individual who is able to handle insurance claims for policyholders, as well as negotiating and advocating on the behalf of a policyholder. A public adjuster is needed when someone is getting less on their claim or has had their claim denied by their insurance company. If it sounds like you need this kind of help with your insurance claim, call Hope Public Adjusters. We are professionals who are able to get you the settlement that you deserve. Whether your business has fire damage or your home has been flooded, we can get you the maximum settlement. So what is a public adjuster in Indianapolis, IN? It’s someone who will fight to give you an honest and fair settlement. To learn more about how we can help you, call us at (833) – 31 – CLAIM.

How Can a Public Adjuster Help You?

The public adjusters at Hope Public Adjusters have been in this business a long time and know what it takes to get you the settlement that you deserve. We are able to do a number of things for our clients:

  • Go over your insurance policy coverage.
  • Inspect the damages that have been done by firessmokewaterstorms, and vandalism.
  • Assemble a list of items that have been damaged.
  • Provide your insurance company with an estimate of damages.
  • Get all of your paperwork and documents together, as well as file them.
  • Organize the necessary cleaning, repairs, and replacements for your property.
  • Negotiate with your insurance company on your behalf and get you the maximum settlement.

Our licensed public adjusters work hard to ensure you get the best claim for your damaged home or business. We provide free claim reviews, so if you want to set up a consultation with us, please contact our office at (833) – 31 – CLAIM.